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Phosphate Demand

"Demand for fertilizers is driven by the need for food, which in turn is driven by the size and wealth of the population."


3 Key Drivers for Fertilizer Demand

  1. Increase in World Population
  2. Increase of Wealth in Emerging Economies
  3. Decrease in Arable Land Worldwide


Increase in World Population
World population totals 6,897,078,213 people with projections indicating that the 7 billion marker will be reached in 2012.World population is expected to surpass 9 billion by roughly 2045. Asia represents roughly 60% of the world's yearly population growth. As the world population increases the demand for fertilizer will continue to grow at a consistent pace.

Increase of Wealth in Emerging Economies
With the growth in wealth of emerging economies such as China, India & Brazil the desire for a more varied diet means that food production will increase. Increased demand for food will have a positive effect on the demand for fertilizers such as phosphate. China's current GDP totals $5.8 trillion and is expected to reach $10 trillion by 2015.

Decrease In Arable Land
Worldwide arable land per person has decreased by almost half since the 1960’s. Current forecasts see arable land decreasing at a faster rate due to population increases worldwide.As arable land becomes scarce the demand for fertilizers will increase to replenish the soil with nutrients.